The lastes news:

Hello, there are my greatest doing here, splited up to this groups.

glider reparation

On February 1998 I together with my coleague from Aeroclub Rana, especially with Jiri Lenik and Josef Mezera, began to build replic of historical glider Schulgleiter SG-38 from 1938y, which has been flying from May '99y. The next we cooperated with Czech Nationat Technical Museum and with Moravan Aeroplanes on total overhaul of the first Czech post-war glider Zlin Z-24 Krajanek. Meanwhile we, together with our Germany friend Gerhard Maleschka, made replic of glider Hol's der Teufel - it has been flying from may 'o4. From November 'o3 to August 'o6 I was making overhaul of Hütter H17b from 1 943y for Bruno de Woulters from Belgium. Now we are begining with replic of Czech double-sitting glider EL-2 Sedy Vlk by Ludvig Elsnic constructor, from 1933y.
I have a workshop at home, where I sometime make some other glider reparation - I have ICAO aerocraft maintenance certification and certification for ultralight gliders by Aeroclub of Czech Rep. My coleague Jiri Lenik have same certifications so do I and more he is glider and powered glider instructor and check pilot for UL gliders.

There gliders I had in my workshop:

sport flying

On july 1986 I had the first fly with glider - L-13 Blanik in Aeroclub Rana. Since this time I have been flying on a lot of types of gliders on a lot of aerofields in Czech rep. and abroad. I have flowen 200km fly with glider - but my main target isn't to fly some tasks but to fly for fun - or fly to some trip by powered glider or UL aerocraft or fly with historical glider on some aeroshow or meeting.
I have like flying sport - sometimes I take part on rally - navigation compatition. And in gliding sport - since 1999 I have been going as a ground crew to a lot of gliding competition. At beginning with Eva Cerna from Aeroclub Příbram and now with Jana Treslova from our aeroclub.
There is calendary of my events and there are some pictures.

travelling & photographing

I travell a lot - holyday, weekends.... mostly with gliders.
During this journeys i make a lot of photos. I begun with Zenith. The next I had digi photo camera HP - 2Mbites, 3x zoom - it was good camera, but one day broked down - I just was at Lithuania. When I set aside money I bought Panasonic - 5Mbites 12x zoom - very nice photographing.....
Sometimes I borow camera to make small movie.

There are some, the best picture , here and overview of my journeys - .... without family events :-)


At home I build a new workshop, which will bee larger then i have now

I made some garden ... some park with some things I saw during my travelling.... But it's dificult :-(

.... and the next I write this sites .... I like work with computers to make our live easy :-).

.... and at the end, some PF, I wish You GOOD LUCK :-) ....

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